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X5TECH Web Camera XW-N6641 USB2.0 high-speed
X5TECH Web Camera XW-N6641 USB2.0 high-speed, plug&play, 350k PIXLES interpolated into 5.0M PIXELS..
239 Ден. Цена:239 Ден.
X5TECH Web Camera XW-209
X5TECH Web Camera XW-209, with microphone, USB2.0 high-speed, plug&play, 350k PIXLES interpolated into 5.0M PIXELS..
399 Ден. Цена:399 Ден.
Genius FaceCam 320
Genius FaceCam 320, Built-in Mic, manual focus, VGA..
699 Ден. Цена:699 Ден.
Genius FaceCam 321
Genius FaceCam 321, 8 Megapixels-3x digital zoom, Built-in Mic, manual focus, VGA..
749 Ден. Цена:749 Ден.
Genius FaceCam 1000X V2
Genius FaceCam 1000X V2, Built-in microphone, 720p HD resolution, 3X digital zoom, Universal clip fits LCD panel and notebook or standalone, Manual focus..
949 Ден. Цена:949 Ден.
Hama 53950 Spy protect HD webcam
Hama 53950 Spy protect HD webcam, with integrated microphone, 720p HD widescreen resolution, Stand/clamp base for mounting on TFT and notebook screens, Closable lens provides protection against hacker attacks, LED lighting provides better picture quality under poor light conditions, plug &..
999 Ден. Цена:999 Ден.
Genius Facecam 2020
Genius Facecam 2020, 8 megapixels, HD video, Superior 2.0M pixel sensor, Built-in microphone, Plug & Play, no driver required, ..
1,199 Ден. Цена:1,199 Ден.
Genius WideCam F100
Genius WideCam F100, Built-in microphone, Video resolution (with up to 30fps), Image sensor: 1080p full HD pixel CMOS, Manual focus lens, View angle: 120°, No driver needed, Size: 48x150x49 mm..
2,299 Ден. Цена:2,299 Ден.
Philips M100E/12
Philips M100E/12, Wireless Home Monitor for Apple/Android devices, Easy-to-use Apple/Android app for free, Easy set-up of Wi-Fi enabled monitor via QR code, Lens & Sensor: VGA, Focus mode: Fixed, Focus range: 0.4M to infinity, Video Quality VGA streaming, Formats: H.264 video compression, ..
4,999 Ден. Цена:4,999 Ден.
Philips B120S/10
Philips B120S/10, InSight wireless HD baby monitor for Apple/Android devices, Watch your baby on your smartphones via 3G/Wi-Fi/4G LTE, Real time monitoring with temperature & humidity sensor, Sensor: 720p HD video image sensor, Aperture: F2.8, Digital zoom: 2x digital, Focus mode: Fixed, A..
8,999 Ден. Цена:8,999 Ден.
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