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Hama 95863 Screen Cleaning Set
Hama 95863 Screen Cleaning Set, 15 ml, cloth included, For cleaning the sensitive surfaces of screens and monitors, Washable microfibre cloth, Specially developed fluid, Removes dust, dirt and grease, Also suitable for other surfaces like notebooks, PDAs, scanners, copiers, Regular cleanin..
179 Ден. Цена:179 Ден.
Grundig Screen & Keyboard cleaner 35ml
Grundig Screen & Keyboard cleaner 35ml, model 14145..
259 Ден. Цена:259 Ден.
Hama 49877 Compressed Gas Cleaner
Hama 49877 Compressed Gas Cleaner, Air duster, 400 ml ..
399 Ден. Цена:399 Ден.
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